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Free delivery on all orders over HK$280
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Holiday Reusable Cup 12oz 節日可重用隨行杯
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Holiday Reusable Cup 12oz 節日可重用隨行杯

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Key Features 產品特色
• Double wall structure for both hot cold beverages
Innovative application of renewable material in production coffee grounds PP
Reduce condensation on the outer when drinking cold beverage provide comfortable grip when filled with hot drinks by double wall structure
Easy close and open with slider lid

Materials 材質
• Lid: PP or mixed materials
• Gasket: Silicone
• Body: Coffee grounds PP (Outer) / PP or mixed materials (Inner)

Care Usage 使用須知
• Do not microwave 不適用於微波爐
• Hand wash only 只可手洗
• Do not freeze 不適用存放冰箱
• Do not clean with cleaners that contain bleach or chlorine 請勿使用含有漂白劑或氯的清潔劑清洗
• For both hot and cold beverage but not carbonated drinks 適用於盛載熱飲和凍飲,但不可用於盛載碳酸飲品
• Wash with non-abrasive scrubber 使用非刷式的工具清洗

Reward 獎賞
Receive a tall handcrafted beverage coupon with each purchase of mug or tumbler at regular price