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Summer Joy Pourigami 夏日喜悅咖啡濾架
Summer Joy Pourigami 夏日喜悅咖啡濾架
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Summer Joy Pourigami 夏日喜悅咖啡濾架

Regular price 原價 $210.00 Special price 推廣售價 $350.00 Unit price 單價 per 件
Key Features 產品特色
• Award winning, smallest, most durable, portable coffee dripper for on the go coffee brewing
• Three stainless steel panels orient and interlock for easy assembly, with machined grooves to ensure perfect placement for a secure pour over
• Includes case for easy storage with room to stash filters for the road

Materials 材質
• Small, 6.2cm x 12.7cm x 2.4mm unassembled, weights 4oz
• 18/8 Medical grade stainless steel
• BPA Free

Care & Usage 使用須知
• Do not microwave 不適用於微波爐
• Hand wash only 只可手洗
• For hot coffee brewing 用於沖煮熱咖啡
• Easy to clean - use Bar Keepers’ Friend for best results 易於清潔
• Makes a single cup pour over 製作一杯沖煮咖啡

Remarks 備註
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