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22OZ Plastic Double wall cold cup 22OZ 鯨魚雙層凍杯

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22OZ  Plastic Double wall cold cup 22OZ 鯨魚雙層凍杯
22OZ Plastic Double wall cold cup 22OZ 鯨魚雙層凍杯

SKU: 0490000838

Key Features 產品特色

• Lid: 2140C
Inner wall : Clear
Outer wall: Clear
Logo: Black / White

Care & Usage 使用須知
• Do not microwave 不適用於微波爐
• Hand wash only 只可手洗
• For cold beverages only 只適用於盛載凍飲

Reward 獎賞
Receive a tall-sized handcrafted beverage coupon with each purchase of mug or tumbler at regular price

22OZ  Plastic Double wall cold cup 22OZ 鯨魚雙層凍杯
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